Janet Devlin – Saint of the Sinners (Official Video)

Janet Devlin – Saint of the Sinners (Official Video)

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I’m over the moon to share the music video for my song ‘Saint of the Sinners’. You’ve probably figured out that the subject of the song is actually ME – hence the many Janets in this video! Fun fact: I actually can’t paint. At all. I haven’t even tried since I was 13 and let’s just say my frustration showing in the video wasn’t acting… it was me being utterly alarmed at how much I can’t paint! Even down to holding a brush wrong, who knew??

Beyond that mild inconvenience, it was an absolutely amazing day down in Brighton, living my best-acted arty-lifestyle in my loft by the coast. Thanks so much to the below crew for making this video such a dreamboat to shoot!

Katia Ganfeld –

Directors of photography:
The Wood Brothers – &

Assistant director:
Elliott Mussi –

Hair & make up artist:
Becky Howie –

Felix Geen –

Conrad Armstrong –

Darren Mostyn / Online Creative –

Behind the scenes reportage:
Amelia Hope –

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