Jhalki & its Cinematography | Cinema Satsang

Jhalki & its Cinematography | Cinema Satsang

Welcome to Cinema Satsang (Discourse) , in today’s episode we are going to discuss about the recently released film ” Jhalki ” & it’s Cinematography by Rupesh Kumar.

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This is a holy ground for cinema lovers and film enthusiasts to express themselves and share their voices and pain .The pain which we feel when mediocre stuff is praised sky high in the name of cinema . This channel is aimed at creating a small cinema movement of like minded people ,our own new -new wave.

To understand in detail the grammar of film making -to understand we will critique,praise , discuss& deconstruct and try to create a genuine space for cinema lovers like you and me.

I am a 3 yr Dip .holder in Screenplay writing and Direction from Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (Kolkata).Have taught in many film schools all over India including Whistling Woods lnternational and Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema &Entertainment. My short film’ End of love’ was screened at many international film festivals including Indian film festival ,Stuttgart and One country One film festival,Apchat,France.

Camera : Sanket Prakash
Editing : S. Rajagopalan


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