Joanna! Joanna!

Joanna! Joanna!

A little class project when I was studying video editing and production…
— Jesse Donovan: composer, lyricist, vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, wurli, ambient instruments
— Kevin Emmert: drums
— Ben Allen: B3
— Russ McIntire: all electric guitars, lead guitars
— Jesse Donovan: engineering, recording, production (pre, music, and post), mixing, mastering
— Zach Balogh: High Definition cinematography
— Jesse Donovan: video editing, effects, post, video mastering, Standard Definition cinematography, graphics and titles
— Mary Stacy Beaman: “Joanna”
— Jesse Donovan: “songwriter/dreamer”
— Kevin Emmert: “good drummer”
— Extras: happy mall folks – thanks guys and girls!

Special Thanks to:
— Tammy Thomas – for letting us film in your facilities
— Kevin Emmert – for your musical contribution to this project and for being a listening ear during post-production
— Ben Allen – for sharing your gift at the organ with the world and for listening to mixes and telling me what stunk
— Russ McIntire – for sharing your blazing guitar skills as well as musical suggestions
— Zach Balogh – for putting up with me on two long, maniacal HD shoots and doing a great job
— Parents – for listening to this repeatedly and not getting sick
— Mary – for standing in front of that camera for so long, looking lovely
— Mall Extras – for being willing to help out at random without limit – one of you – I owe you a dollar for the “FUN” machine that we rode in the mall scenes – thanks!
— Everyone that contributed their time and energy to this project in any way – I could not have done it without you all!

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