Kannada New Movies Full | Masala Kannada Movie | Kannada Movies | Sunil Rao, Radhika

Kannada New Movies Full | Masala Kannada Movie | Kannada Movies |  Sunil Rao, Radhika

Kannada New Movies Full | Masala Kannada Movie | Kannada Movies | Sunil Rao, Radhika


Sunil Rao, Radhika, Vishal Hegde, Suja, Nagashekar, Sandhya, Ashitha (SP), Sundar Raj, Ramesh Bhat, Sarigama Viji, Bharath Bhagavathar, A S Murthy, Mandeep Roy, Venu, Ganesh, Pavan Kumar, Muni, Yogi, Sathish, Bullet Prakash, Chandru, Ashwini, Jhansi, Namitha, Jyothi, Durgi Chandana, Padmavasanthi, Malathi Sardeshpande, Shobha Shivalingaiah, Sithara, Francis, Harsha


Director Dayal
Co-Director Surya
Associate Director R Manju Mandavya, Shivamurthy Dammaningala
Assistant Director Mutthu MM, Chandru, Rajashekar


Banner Rainbow Talkies
Presenter K C N Chandrashekar
Producer K C N Chandrashekar, S Doreraj, R Venkatadri, R Ravindran, Elengovan, N Kumar, M Manjunath Gowda
Production Manager Leela Manohar


Story Dayal
Screenplay Dayal
Dialogue Dayal
Lyrics Kaviraj, Manjunath Rao

Other Crews:

Music Sadhu Kokila
Cinematography Sathya Hegde
Editor Vinod Manohar
Stunts Tiger Madhu, Ravivarma
Choreography Shivas Thribhuvan, Muruli, Sangeetha, Ramu
Art Revanna Malavalli
Costume Babu
Makeup Malli, Gopal (Suja), Ram (Radhika), Tiger Malli (Sunil)
PRO Nagndra, Babu
Publicity Designs Achu Ads
Stills Prasad Gandhi
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Sound Recording:

Dialogues Mahendran, Sharavanan, Viji
Songs Muruli, Arun, Keshav
Re-Recording Mahendran, Sharavanan, Viji
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Censor Details:

Dated 30-06-2005
Length 3677 Mts
Color Color (Cinemascope)

Audio & Video:

Audio On Anand Audio
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 124 min

Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Tsunami Tsunami Sunil, Nanditha Kaviraj
Adalu Badalu Rajesh, Lakshmi Kaviraj
Masala Masala Sadhu Kokila Manjunath Rao
Sparshana Iduve Rajesh Manjunath Rao
Muddu Muddu Hemanth, Fayaz Khan, Archana Udupa, M D Pallavi Manjunath Rao
Kanna Mucche Chaithra, Sadhu Kokila Manjunath Rao

Release info:

Release date 08-07-2005
Main Theater Aparna
Weeks 4

Plot Summary:

Three medical college students (Sunil,Vishal and Nagsekhar) are the witnesses to a murder. The goons chase them as the boys escape but their ID cards are with the goons. Now the police are on their trail as they are in disguise of females. They come to ladies hostel and meets Radhika, Suja and Sandhya who extend support as they are convinced that the boys are innocent. They work out a plan to bring the real killers in front of the law with the help of a lie detector.

The story revolves around three college student pals who are fun loving. Vishwa played by Sunil the hero of the film is the leader of this gang. Vishwa is jovial and this trait is liked by many of his college mates including Ashwini who falls for him. But Vishwa spurns Ashwini but is attracted by Suma Radhika. Vishwas resists the advances made by Ashwini. At the same time another boy is in deep love with Suma who also refuses to entertain him. Both the dejected lovers combine to create some wedge between Vishwa and Suma and achieve some success.Meanwhile Vishwa wants to clear misunderstanding with Suma but in the meantime he is charged with murdering Ashwini who gets killed when being raped by a team of fashion co-coordinators. How Vishwa and his friends come out from the foisted charges of murder and get united with their lovers forms the rest of the story. #kannada #kannada


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