Let Me Go [“Let It Go” Frozen Med School Parody]

Let Me Go [“Let It Go” Frozen Med School Parody]

University of Maryland School of Medicine 2015
Junior Jollies (6/27/14)
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From the depths of studying for Step 1 to starting our 4th and final year of medical school, we chronicle the life of a 3rd year through hit songs from Disney’s “Frozen”.

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Swathi Raman

Jenny Scott
Meaghan Moxley
Jessica Schwartz
Jeremy Bengson

Andy Chen
Keya Manshadi
Tim Costales
Joe Weinstein
Jeremy Bengson

Arrangement and Production:
Jeremy Bengson

Special Thanks:
UMMC Pediatrics
Dr. Ari Silver-Isenstadt
Melody Shi
Harsh Desai
Emily Sze
Danielle Guiffre
Hailiu Yang
Vida Chen
Steve Biederman
Tom Robertson
Tim Wymer
Loan La
Yoyo Jiang

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