"Lights" Sony FS5 Cinematic Film

"Lights" Sony FS5 Cinematic Film

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Shot in 1080p mode at 240 frames per second in SLog-2.

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If you want to adapt non-Sony lenses to this camera, you have many choices. Here are my top picks for adapting Canon lenses (i.e. Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount)

My favorite lens adapter with wireless focus and iris control
Smart Adapter for Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-Mount
A good inactive adapter from Vello – Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-Mount

various Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-Mount lens adapters
the cheap inactive adapter I show in the video (Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-)

various Canon EF/EF-S to Sony E-Mount lens adapters

I used the Sony FS5 camera on a film project I did in Ecuador in January of 2016. I and Danny Ruan shot both this short film and also 2 music videos on this great little camera. I will be doing a video review of this camera as soon as I can. I have more footage I shot with this camera and I examples of what this camera is capable of capturing. Overall my thoughts are that this is a great and very affordable professional 1080p camera that records in 10bit and super slow motion up to 240fps. It also records in 4K but in that mode it’s a bit more limited as it can only record in 8bit 420 color space. Still it’s an overall great little camera with a lot of pro features and some new tools that no other camera offers. One such feature is the variable ND filter. It also has amazing battery life. It’s small and very light (comparable to DSLR cameras).

Director & Cinematographer: Danny Ruan
Producer: Tom Antos
Screenwriter / Producer Assistant: Gabriela Cañar
Producer Assistant: Luis Ochoa
Camera Assistant: Joao Medina
Editor, Color Grading: Danny Ruan
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