Low Light Shooting Techniques | Filmora Halloween Special

Low Light Shooting Techniques | Filmora Halloween Special

Try Filmora Free: In this video, Alex is going to FINALLY show you all how to shoot your videos in low light – just like in our Halloween Special short film! These tips on shooting in low light are perfect for your videos filmed at night or in a dark setting.

If you haven’t seen our Halloween Special, you can watch it here:


What do you need:
– Camera
– Fast Lens
– Headlamps
– Tissues

Low Light Camera Equipment and Settings

For the video shoot we used the Sony A7S II, which is one of the best cameras for low Light shooting. This camera’s 12.2 MP sensor is able to shoot at ISOs of up to 409,600. ISO is the sensibility of you camera sensor to the available light, so the higher the ISO, the more light you’ll have in your shot, BUT beware, you will also get more noise in your

We are using a fast lens which allow us to set the F-Stop or aperture as low as 1.4. This number determines how wide the iris of your lens is. The smaller the number the more open the iris is, letting more light into your shot. For your shutter speed or exposure time, as a rule you want to double your frame rate so if you are shooting at 23.97fps your shutter speed should be 50. Try to not go below that or you will lose sharpness.


The easiest thing to do is to find where is light available. The streetlights are really handy for this kind of horror atmosphere because of the harsh spotlight above our heads creates strong shadows in our faces or spotlighting. We also got headlamps from the dollar store. Similar to the streetlights, the headlamps
distort our faces with the strong shadows and help us adding really harsh contrast to the shot (hardlighting). We can use these lights to backlight other people and create some really nice lens flares! You can also use the tissue as a diffuser so you can get a softer light.


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