On Quitting The Business, A Memento Mori

On Quitting The Business, A Memento Mori

Life. Quitting. Time. Adventure. Exploration. These are the things that this film montage deal with. (Hopefully that’s enough with the keywords…)

EDITORIAL REMARKS: In my college days I originally wanted to make movies — write, direct, film, edit — all things involved in the creation of good movies. That did not work out well for me for reasons that are weird and complicated, but I have continued to have a passion for movie-making, cinematography and storytelling throughout my adult life. I like to think that I leaned on that a bit here and there in my days as an advertising and marketing guy.
While heroes are hard — actually pretty damned impossible — to find, many films have lifted me up, have inspired me; and many filmmakers did too. Here are a very few of the more ‘ignored’ or ‘uncool’ films which deserve some credit… each taught me something, and became ingredients in my life and in my own definition of self.

ABOUT THIS WORK: This short is a “memento mori.” It was a statement primarily used by the Stoics, meant to remind people of their mortality, and to treasure time. Like “Tempus Fugit.” In Game of Thrones they used a similar saying, “Valar Morghulis” meaning “All men must die.” It is important that we all do this. We need to remember that our time on this planet is brief, that we need to treasure time, and make the most of each moment.

Memento Mori.