OPEN FIELDS – GODAN Documentary Web Series – Ep. 2

OPEN FIELDS – GODAN Documentary Web Series – Ep. 2


Open Fields is part of GODAN’s open data web series that meets individuals around the world who are on the front line of how technology and data are reshaping agriculture to combat food insecurity and improve global nutrition.

In the second episode of the series, OPEN FIELDS, viewers meet Eunice, a successful smallholder farmer who lives outside of Mombasa, Kenya.

In Kenya, around 80 per cent of people have access to some form of farmable land. Although the soil is rich and fertile for farming, many plots of land stand empty or with failed crops.

In the Mombasa region, Haller Foundation (a GODAN partner) have been working with local farmers for 50 years to design organic methods to improve crop production and also provide a solid economic stream for rural families.

Eunice has found success in maximizing her crop yield by using the open-source mobile phone app from the Haller Foundation.

With an estimated 83% of Kenya now online, largely through mobile phones, Haller Farmers App has been developed to digitize and release local knowledge on a global scale, to anyone, anywhere.

The application is free to use for anyone with a smartphone and internet access. They have also worked with Free Basics and Airtel Kenya to improve rural access for low income families, providing free data to download and use the app.


Worldwide, nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. For the first time in human history, we have the knowledge and the tools to put an end to it.

Open data makes that knowledge available to everyone.

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Series created by: Diana Szpotowicz (GODAN)

Directed by: Dan Boaden (Banyak Films)
Director of Photography: Alfredo de Juan (Banyak Films)

With special thanks to Hugh Hartford (Director/Producer, Banyak Films) and Dr. Rene Haller and his team from the Haller Foundation.

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