Phoenix’s best bits: How Joaquin’s speeches have ruled awards season

Phoenix’s best bits: How Joaquin’s speeches have ruled awards season

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For any copyright, please send me a message. From criticising the Baftas on stage to chastising fellow stars for treating private jets like buses, Joaquin Phoenix has provided plenty of standout moments this awards season.  Thanks to his incredible star turn as the title character in Joker, the 45-year-old actor has walked away with every major Best Actor accolade available in the past month.  While this has rendered guessing the winner of the category pointless, Phoenix’s impassioned speeches have often been the highlight of each ceremony, as he’s used stages being watched by millions to discuss everything from environmental issues to racism.  Ahead of tonight’s Oscars, he’s surely, surely, put a lot of thought into what to say (though perhaps not as much as Best Supporting Actor favourite Brad Pitt).  As we wait to see his final speech of the season, take a look back at Phoenix’s best moments of awards season 2020…  ‘We don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs’  Phoenix’s f-bomb heavy Golden Globes speech challenged NBC’s censors and the stars present, as he called out “hypocrisy” in their approach to environmental issues.  After thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for deciding to ditch animal products and offer vegan-only meals at the event, he continued: “It’s great to vote but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives.  “I hope that we can do that — we don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs sometimes or back, please. “I’ll try to do better and I hope you will too. Thank you so much for putting up with me. I’m so grateful for this night and all of you, thank you.” Praising his fellow nominees  At the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, where winners are decided by the stars themselves, Phoenix took the chance to address each of the other Best Actor nominees.  Starting with Once Upon A Time.. In Hollywood’s Leonardo DiCaprio, he said: “There would always be two other guys that I was up against and we’d always lose to this one kid…every casting director would always whisper, ‘It’s Leonardo.’  “You’ve been an inspiration for over 25 years to me and so many people.” Turning his attention to Christian Bale, Phoenix jokingly begged the Ford vs Ferrari actor to give a bad performance “just once.” “It’s infuriating,” he said. “I wish you would.”  Phoenix then praised Adam Driver for a series of  “beautiful, nuanced, incredible, profound” performances before telling Taron Egerton: “I’m so happy for you [and] can’t wait to see what else you do.” A tribute for Heath Ledger  Phoenix also used the SAGs stage to pay tribute to Heath Ledger, who won a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal of Batman’s nemesis J


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