Production Design — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep2

Production Design — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep2

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned director or just looking to increase your brand’s social engagement, telling a strong story aesthetically is tantamount in our visual (and digital) world ►►

That’s where these filmmaking techniques come in to play. StudioBinder is giving a free filmmaking course, complete with worksheets, downloadables, and e-books.

All at no cost.

One of the most important ways to communicate a films mood, characters, and theme is through production design. Great production design elevates the entire story, and helps visionary directors impart their signature style.

In this video essay, the second in our visual storytelling series, we break down production design. What is production design, how do the great filmmakers and visual storytellers employ it, and how can you use it to bring your vision to life using our free production design worksheet.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video, and master the art of production design! Then subscribe to our channel of course because we’ve got a host of other goodies coming in the rest of our visual storytelling series!

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