Rajasthan Film Festival 2019 || Full Award Show || RFF2019 ||

Rajasthan Film Festival 2019 || Full Award Show || RFF2019 ||

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Rajasthan Film Festival 2019
Rajasthan a country with ethics and tradition, it is a country where traditions and culture are praised by the people. Rajasthan is surrounded by architectural and cultural heritage with a blend of marinization and its unique style. RFF organize the best Film festival in Jaipur and also a Film Festival in India
Rajasthan film festival is the best film festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It gives a new level of the platform to filmmakers, artists, and technicians of Rajasthani cinema to motivate them so that they work harder and take Rajasthan Cinema to a new level altogether. From the last Six years, this festival has brought an amazing change in the Rajasthani cinema and has been appreciated by all the people nationally. After a roaring success in 2018, the Seventh edition of Rajasthan film festival is going to be a Five-day event in September 2019 at Maan Palace Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The royal state of Rajasthan – the land of colors is deeply steeped in art & culture that reflects the Indian way of life and the people here have an amazing zest for cinema too. Rajasthan film festival (RFF), the best film festival in Jaipur, and Best Film Festival in India Rajasthan is aware of the engulfment of people towards the Rajasthani cinema and celebrates it every year with great pomp and fervor to honor and encourage both artistic and technical excellence of artists in Rajasthani cinema. Rajasthan film festival provides a platform to filmmakers, artists, and technicians of the Rajasthan film industry and awards them for their work, thus boosting their morale to foster their skills. This provides them with an opportunity to take their immense talent to the international level.

Rajasthan film festival (Best Film Festival in India) is just not an award show but a spectacle of great visual delight where artists from all over the Rajasthan gather to celebrate Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage and the vastness of Rajasthani cinema. Rajasthan film festival is being organized from the last five years and has brought an amazing change in the Rajasthani cinema. It has been appreciated by everyone ranging from the government to the common people.

Rajasthan Film Festival is the biggest and fastest Growing and now a Prestigious Film Festival in India. Evolving fast among all the Film Festivals of the world RFF through its Six yearly festivals has been able to establish Rajasthan as the prominent different Culture of the world.Kseries took a serious task in their hand and kept the foundation of Rajasthan Film Festival on 28th September 2013 to that can bring back the pride of cinema of Rajasthan as promoting Rajasthan art and culture. This is one of the famous film festivals in India, and every year it is celebrated with its different style.

Rajasthan Film Festival organize the best Film Festival in India which follows Rajasthani Culture and tradition. Their progressive thinking and creative approach make them stand out from the crowd. It has played an important role in the promotion of Indian Cinema as well as Rajasthani Culture. This Film Festival also aims to Provide a platform to young Rajasthani to showcase their creativity that helps to heighten awareness of Rajasthani Culture and identities to audiences.

This year in RFF, we have decided to walk together with the Nation and appreciate the Unity in Diversity of India. This time in the 7th edition of RFF we have come up with the new categories of the awards. We have divided the 24 awards into 2 broad categories – (Rajasthani Cinema) 12 awards for the films produced in Rajasthan and (Other Regional Cinema) 12 Awards for the films produced in other regions of India. This year let us celebrate the togetherness of the country. Those who are interested to give their name in the nomination list can click on the below link.

Mentor’s Sukhbir Singh, Komal Nahta, Ish Madhu Talwar

Event Owned & Managed By K-Series

Founder Sanjana Sharma

Programming Head Anil Kumar Jain

Event & Creative Head Dee jay (Dashrath Joshi)

Edited By

Vineet Asopa & Vipin Choube

Event Co-ordinator
Mayur Mandhaniya

Outdoor Events
Sunny Piryani, Vaibhav Sharma, Mannmeet Kejriwal, Ankit Jhanwar, Narendra Singh

Nicky, Vinay & Scorpions Dance troupe

Light & Sound
Banwari Lal Sharma ( Ganpati Sound )

Vinod Kumawat

Social Promotion
Ace Makers.com

Yash Tiwari

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