REDRUBY – Written, produced & directed by Jose Holder.

Synopsis: Ruby Grimm awakens to the dark reality that nightmares walk among us. Armed with her brother’s research and weaponry, she sets out to systematically destroy them and restore the Grimm family legacy, before her mind spirals into madness. 20min27sec.

Featuring Amber Goldfarb (Lost Girl, Helix) as Ruby, Michelle Jiang (Jingju Canada), Howard Rosenstein (Gothica), Kwasi Songui (White House Down, 300), Nelson Holland, Julia Borsellino, Mark Raphael (Brick Mansions), Shawn Baichoo (Assassins Creed IV), Chris Cavener (Warm Bodies) and an awesome cast of extras.


Director/Writer/Producer : Jose Holder
Associate Producer : Eva Quintero
Line Producer : Kathy-Ann Thomas
1st Assistant Director : Jonathan Jean-Pierre
Cinematographer : John Easterbrooke
Camera Dept.: Rodrigo Mendoza, Guillermo Castellanos, Rafael Willitts
Editor(s) : Samuel Armin, Aneesah Marie
Music Composer : Thierry Gauthier
Sound Recordist(s) : Yassine Meliani, Matt R. Sherman
Sound Editor : Gordon Neil Allen
Production Design : Jose Holder
Set Decorator : Liza Perreault
Costume Supervisor : Melanie Michaud
Colorist : Pablo Perugorria
Make-Up : Kimiko Hache, David Matsushita-Fournier
SFX Make-Up : Vladimir Alexandru Cara
Stunts : Shijia Jiang, Fred Nguyen Khan
Motion Design : Pascal Brousseau
Visual Effects : Patrick Gosselin
Hair : Krystel Tremblay-Gauthier
Craft Services : Diana Campbell
Catering : Angela Melfi
Art Dept.: Dhamindra Jeevan, Moragh Chisholm, Shira Ronn, Charles Paul Wilson III
Wardrobe Dept.: Marie-Pier Berubeb, Anna Christina Delfino
Grips : Jaden Scholes, Guillaume Van Der Meer
Transportation : Alexandre Desbiens


Best Horror Short
Best Original Concept
Best Fantasy Film
Best Horror Fantasy Short
Best Action Thriller Sci-Fi Horror Short
Best Short (X2)
1st Place Short
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Director
Best Editing (X2)
Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography (X3)
Best Make-Up
Honourable Mention: Original Score, Director, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Costume Design, FX.
Award Of Excellence (X2)
Jury Award
Award Of Recognition
Directorial Discovery Award

REDRUBY was also the recipient of 18 nominations. Existing as the spin-off of a comic book prequel (due out shortly), REDRUBY’s narrative bleeds into transmedia territory with new stories for mediums like graphic novels, comic strips, audiocoms, videogames, and yes, more films!


Special thanks to my buddy Jason Rockman and his band SLAVES ON DOPE for lending us their awesome track PORK SWORD!


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