RV Nomad Life | Replacing Our RV Suburban Propane/Electric Water Heater

RV Nomad Life | Replacing Our RV Suburban Propane/Electric Water Heater

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In this video I replace our Suburban 12 gallon gas/electric water heater. It had been leaking for a long time, we’re really happy to finally have this taken care of. It took me several hours to do this. Tools I needed were

Electric impact
#2 square bit, philips bit, flathead bit
Heat gun
Dremel with cut disk
1/2″ Sharkbite valve x2
Caulk gun
Clear exterior RV sealant
Plastic pry tool set
1/2″ ratchet with 27mm socket and extension
11mm wrench
22mm wrench
Thread tape
Wire cutters
Wire nuts x5
Box cutter with new blade
Shop rags

▶About Us: John is a 3x Combat Veteran (Army), Laura was a Veterinary Technician, in 2016 they downsized and sold nearly everything they owned and moved into a 5th Wheel (Cedar Creek), bought a dually and left their former lives behind for travel and adventures. They travel with one cat (Socks) and 2 Dogs (Bullet and Kimber) all over the United States. Their rig went back to the factory in 2017, helped film a movie were cast in the movie RV Nomads, and wrote a book called #RVLife: Seeking Happiness Through A Nomadic Life. #RVLife is the first in a series written about their journey to freedom by bucking societal norms and living their own adventures.
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