#Script Flaws #LoveAajKal #HowTo #Make_Films #Casual #Smooch ll #69_Opposites_Attract ll #Vine 273

#Script Flaws #LoveAajKal #HowTo #Make_Films #Casual #Smooch ll #69_Opposites_Attract ll #Vine 273

’69 OPPOSITES ATTRACT’ – The Longest Running Webseries In The World – is an Experimental Satire, styled as mockumentary, set against the backdrop of Bollywood. The webseries celebrates ‘B A D A R T’. Shot in guerrilla-film style; for the first time, an Indian filmmaker fuses, Andy Wharhol’s ‘Visual Art Movement’ with Indian kitsch & pulp – Pulp Fiction!

Few feel ’69 Opposites Attract’ is porn or soft-porn; this video is specially dedicated to such FOB kids that flunked their cinema school or weren’t fortunate enough to attend one!
A tight slap across their face is the fact that ’69 Opposites Attract’ is a Case Study @ prestigious Business Schools and Film Schools and in less than a year has gained a ‘Cult Status’.

It’s Original Spinoff “Honey Kapoor” Is A Six-Cut Feature Film Franchise
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The plot is about guerilla-filmmaker & superstar, Honey Kapoor (Amit R Agarwal); as he turns camera onto himself, recounting his Superstardom’s, decade long rise and fall; as he prepares to reboot his most famous film, ’69 Opposites Attract’.

’69 Opposites Attract’ mocks taboo subjects and is a tight slap on the face of hypocrisy, the nepotism, the dual moralistic standards, the sexuality, the vibrancy & the enigma that ‘Bollywood’ or even ‘Hollywood’, is infamous for.

Hollywood actress & star Dominique Swain, launched the webseries on November 18, 2016 at a gala event. The webseries provides Vertical Integration in Entertainment Industry with opportunities in each of the four basic phases in an entertainment professionals’ career:

1. Training (acting, scripting, direction & cinematography) ll 2. Work ll 3. Press & Media ll 4. Awards

It questions ‘the audience’ about their understanding of Cinema and seeks an answer to the drift of ‘The Artist’ and ‘The Disaster Artist’?
What’s that? 🙂

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