Secret filming tips from Jamie’s Food Team | Jamie Oliver & Uncle Ben’s

Secret filming tips from Jamie’s Food Team | Jamie Oliver & Uncle Ben’s

(PP) Contains product placement. The lovely Charlie from Jamie’s amazing Food Team shares some of her secrets of choosing and preparing food to help you with your entry into Food Tube’s Search for a Star with Uncle Ben’s. This video gives you tips on how to shop, style and prepare your food for camera when filming a recipe.

All the information on the competition can be found here:

There’s an incredible bundle of prizes up for grabs including equipment, mentoring and your work featuring on Food Tube

We want you to produce and film your own recipe using rice as one of the ingredients, upload it to your youtube channel and send us the link. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on camera or are not a top-class chef. We want to see passionate, fun and engaging people cooking what they love.

To give you some ideas and a kick-start we’ve done a load of videos in which Jamie and the Food Tube team tell you all their top tips for making a great recipe video. Keep an eye out for more coming soon.

It’s going to be huge and we can’t wait to see what you do.

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