Shoot personal branding videos with your phone | Setup and Tips

Shoot personal branding videos with your phone | Setup and Tips

If you’re just getting started with video content this tutorial will show you how to shoot personal branding videos with your phone. We are covering everything from your environment to basic settings to look for.

There’s no need to complicate this process we are going to keep it simple and show you the basics while mixing in some super important tips for mindset and understanding what this is REALLY, HONESTLY going to take to have success with Video Content Marketing and Personal Branding.

📹 My video Kit recommendations:

Here’s a link to Dee Nimmins channel probably the most helpful stand-up dude when it comes to creating content with your phone.

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✅ Favourite research tool for planning your video content get your FREE TubeBuddy extension

📚 BIG IMPACT Entrepreneurial Books

🎧 My favourite music library for video content: It’s FAST to use and removes HASSLE from Copyright issues.

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