SOLO Wedding Filmmaking – THE BASICS of Filming a Wedding

SOLO Wedding Filmmaking – THE BASICS of Filming a Wedding

I’ve had quite a few messages recently from people asking if I can do more videos on wedding filmmaking and advice on how to film a wedding by yourself. So… I have spent a while piecing together this hopefully very in depth video on how I do that. This isn’t particularly the best method in the world, or the only method, but the method I have used since I started filming weddings that works for ME. This structure allows me to film weddings in a relatively stress free way that allows me to get the shots I need to get to create the best film I possibly can on a wedding day. I love filming weddings and wedding videography can be stressful but you just have to find a way that works for you AND you have to be super organised and alert.

If you have any questions at all feel free to post a comment and I will answer them or make a new video on a particular question in the future.


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