SURREAL – Post-Apocalyptic Short Film (2017)

SURREAL – Post-Apocalyptic Short Film (2017)

When the laws of mankind no longer exist, what becomes of ones humanity when survival is their only focus.

*This was a student project for SAIT polytechnic’s Television/Video Production program. 95% of the film was shot over 4 days with a crew of 4 people, and no budget.

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Drama

Starring | Ivy Miller, Caleb Gordon, Rob Jacobsen, Alana Fischer

Directed by | Ximena Rios & Mark Riddle (as R&R)
Screenplay by | Ximena Rios (as R&R)
Story by | Mark Riddle (as R&R)
Produced by | Kimberly Giebler
Executive Producers | Leen Kranenburg, Sally Haggis, Shane McQueen, Dan Gascon
Cinematography by | Devin Gibb (Director of Photography) and Gus Kochan
Edited by | Kimberly Giebler and Ximena Rios
Visual Effects | Mark Riddle
Colourist | Kimberly Giebler
Boom Operator/Sound Editing by | Mark Riddle
Main Score by | Arvin Siegfried
Additional Music by | Kevin Macleod and Myuu

Shot on a Sony PMW400 and Canon T3i


-DMOFF (Direct Monthly Online Film Festival) 2019
-IOFF (Independent Online Film Festival) 2019
-CIFF (Canada International Film Festival) 2019


-DMOFF (Direct Monthly Online Film Festival – January 2019):
*Winner of “Best Film” & “Best Screenwriter”
Nominated for “Best Director”, “Best D.O.P”, “Best Editor”

-IOFF (Independent Online Film Festival – February 2019)
Nominated for “Best Student Film”, “Best Director, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Editor”, “Best Cinematographer”

-Canada International Film Festival 2019
*Winner of the “Rising Star Award” for Student Short Competition

-Created/Copyrighted by SAIT RTBN 2017 Television Students in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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