Techniques for Wedding Filmmakers – Process 5

Techniques for Wedding Filmmakers – Process 5

There are plenty of tools out there for the wedding filmmaker. Whether its a monopod/tripod, glide track, 3-axis stabilizer, drone, or even a handheld rig, each tool can help create a cinematic film that really captures each moment and emotion that is happening in front of the camera.

So we wanted to break down a shot for you that we filmed a few different ways and give you a commentary on how we utilize those tools to translate the moment we wanted to portray in the film.

Introducing the viewer to the groom for the first time could happen a few different ways. Here’s a breakdown of how we used each tool while filming.

1. With this scene, we really wanted to showcase the avant-garde room that the groom was getting ready in as well as the groomsmen hanging out and playing cards. We didn’t want to show the groom immediately so we decided to utilize the DJI RoninM to follow the groom’s brother into the room while using him to block the groom getting ready until he walks out of frame as the camera pushes into the groom getting ready.

2. Another way we wanted to capture the groom was by using a monopod and letting the groom create the movement in the frame. The emotion he was exhibiting was that of confidence and charm. In our opinion, a locked down tripod or a stable monopod can strongly portray this feeling. The silhouette gave a little added mystery since it didn’t show anything more than the outline of his face and drew attention to the movement of what he was doing.

3. Lastly we showed a couple shots with subtle handheld motion. This movement we feel can create an emotion of anticipation or uneasiness. It can feel raw and somewhat chaotic. This wasn’t the emotion we wanted to go for in this particular scene so we decided to not include it in the edit.

Some people prefer shaky shots compared to stabilized shots – we appreciate both styles. Just recognize the moment and how it makes you feel and use your tools accordingly. You will be surprised how effective you will get with certain shots, and your storytelling will become even more compelling and beautifully laced together.