That’s Why These Seats Are the Best a Movie Theater

That’s Why These Seats Are the Best a Movie Theater

Big screens, powerful sound equipment, mouthwatering popcorn aroma, and the atmosphere of excitement — modern movie theaters know a thing or two about how to impress their audience! But even if you’re a serial moviegoer, you might still not know some cool cinema facts.

Have you ever heard, for example, how a movie theater screen is called “the silver screen”? That’s because earlier, they added real silver to the movie screen material! It made the screen surface very reflective. Or instead of silver, manufacturers sometimes used aluminum — it has the same reflective features. But the coolest thing is that silver screens are back — they’re perfect for 3-D movies!

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– Most movie theaters have pearlescent screens. Such screens not only have good contrast but also see to it that the image isn’t too bright.
– There are 5,500 tiny holes for each square foot — and they’re made not for better ventilation, but for clearer sound!
– Some movie screens are tightly attached to the wall, but some are “floating” (meaning that they are fixed to a separate frame).
– Sound equipment experts are sure that if you want to enjoy the best quality sound, you should always pick seats in the middle of a row.
– Doctors, on the other hand, are more worried about your health than impressive sound effects. They ask you not to choose the seats which are right in front of the screen.
– To get totally engrossed in the action unfolding on the screen, choose a place where the sides of the screen will match the edges of your peripheral vision.
– Movie critics are sure that the best seats are at the sides of the auditorium.
– Three-D cinematographers always choose seats in the middle of the auditorium – usually somewhere around the 6th row.
– As for motion picture technologists, they prefer seats in the middle of a row because that’s where the screen brightness is the best.
– In every movie theater, there are cameras directed at seats. It’s an important security measure that helps to prevent theft and all kinds of improper behavior.
– Mondays and Wednesdays are believed to have the lowest traffic, and if you want to enjoy the movie without getting lost in the crowds, go for these days.
– Cinemas don’t make much money from ticket sales because studios get the lion’s share of box office revenue.
– If you live in a big city, there’s a chance that you might once notice a famous actor sneaking into their own movie!
– When you’re watching something in 3-D, your eyes are informing your brain that you’re moving. But the inner ear, responsible for sensing motion, argues that you’re still firmly planted in your seat.

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