The 360-Degree Spin Camera Shot from Michael Bay Movies

The 360-Degree Spin Camera Shot from Michael Bay Movies

The 360-Degree Tracking Shot in Michael Bay Movies ►►

Michael Bay movies are some of the most popular in today’s world of cinema, and a big part of this is his style of directing and the build of his camera shots.

When Michael Bay directs a film like any of the Transformers or Bad Boys movies, he tends to use a specific shot that builds up his characters – they call it the Michael Bay hero shot.

To have an entire camera shot and technique named after you is no small feat, and Michael Bay has earned this particular camera shot by using it at moments that seem to resonate audiences around the world. Michael Bay movies work really well for a reason.

In this video, we set out to recreate the Michael Bay camera shot that has become so famous, and break down Michael Bay films and directing style.

Things you’ll learn:

How to use camera movement during the Michael Bay camera shot

How to build actor movement during the Michael Bay camera shot

Which lenses to use during the Michael Bay camera shot

We didn’t splurge on explosions or many of the other Micahel Bay movie staples, but we did build a pretty great spinning hero shot just like Michael Bay.

Go behind the scenes with us to see this technique used in all of the Transformers movies. Are you excited for Bad Boys 3? Then you’ll love our video.

If you have a camera, an actor, and some ambitions you can go out and create a Micahel Bay camera shots tomorrow, and we hope our directing technique video helps.

The end result: You will know how to direct a Michael Bay camera shot and build your own visual style like the director of Transformers and Bad Boys.

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