The Basics of Highlights Midtones and Shadows

The Basics of Highlights Midtones and Shadows

Welcome back everyone! This video will be about The Basics of Highlights Midtones and Shadows

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This video is all about highlights, midtones, shadows, cast shadows, and reflected light. I will use an apple to demonstrate all of these and give you a basic understanding of this so that you can apply this method to other drawings.

I wanted to start out by explaining different types of lighting to show you how one light source or multiple can really change how an object looks. Using one light source is a great way of being able to clearly see highlights and shadows. Think of a highlight as a direct reflection or the brightest area of a drawing and a shadow as the absence of light. The midtones are indirect light that is illuminating an object.

Now that this has been established, the next thing is to begin drawing. Before that though, we need to understand where the highlights midtones, and shadows are. This can be difficult when looking at an object in color. So what I like to do is take a photo of the object and turn it into black and white with a filter. This gets rid of all the color and you can see the true value scale of the drawing. This helps a huge amount and this method can be used for anything you wish to replicate in pencil.

Working on the drawing now, I really only used an HB and 2B pencil for the entire piece. I began by drawing a rough circle for the overall apple shape and then the cast shadow. Afterwards, I toned the background. Keeping in mind where the lightest tones would be, I began to shade the whole apple in that tone. Then with the darker tones, I shaded the overall apple starting in those darker areas and working my way around. I want to build up layers while shading to help build up depth. This is a process that can take a bit of time and with practice, you should see some improved results.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and thanks a lot for watching!

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