The Most Famous Horror Lighting Technique Ever

The Most Famous Horror Lighting Technique Ever

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Horror lighting takes many shapes and sizes. But one horror lighting technique has been around since the origins of cinema: the world famous light from below look.

Lighting from below is the quintessential horror look. Horror filmmakers & cinematographers have used it in pretty much every horror film ever. From the original 1925 Phantom of the Opera to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining to the remake of Evil Dead, the famous light from below look has been used thousands of times in horror films!

In today’s episode of Ask Aputure, Nerris from the A-Team goes through the cultural and biological reasons the lighting from below look has become so synonymous with horror films. We’ll also go through different ways horror filmmakers & cinematographers can use the famous light from below look to enhance the look of their horror movie.

While nowadays a typical flashlight-under-chin scene would probably pass as a cheesy horror technique rather than a seriously scary look, there are more subtle ways we can use this light from below technique to enhance the cinematography of our horror film project and take it to the next level!

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Filmmaker Nerris Nassiri discusses horror lighting and horror cinematography techniques, focusing primarily on the famous lighting from below look. We learn about the cultural and biological implications of the light from below look and why it’s so quintessential to horror cinema. Aputure’s YouTube channel provides free high quality cinematography, lighting, and filmmaking educational content to help you take your film projects to the next level.