The Sound Gun: An RJFS Original Short

The Sound Gun: An RJFS Original Short

Clinton just wants some peace and quiet. Is that so much to ask?

In order to demonstrate different sound concepts in film, Kevin Senzaki (along with RocketJump Film School) created this short that focused specifically on sound design. We hope to use it to create a primer for basic sound recording and design, and to give you guys original material to play with along the way. Stay tuned for some exclusive downloads!

This short will be followed by 4 tutorial videos explaining the different basic processes that went into creating the film’s sound.


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Written, directed, edited and sound designed by Kevin Senzaki

Cinematography by Lauren Haroutunian

Clint – Clinton Jones
Gourd Woman – Lauren Haroutunian
Gourd Man – Eli Cuevas
Gourd Boy – Ryden Cuevas
Biker – Freddie Wong
Dog Walker – Layne McGovern
Tiny Dog – Penelope Cruz
Babysitter – Allison Adamovic

Savage Tongue is:
Spines (Guitar) – Jay Hackwell
Deathano (Vocal) – Kevin Senzaki
Fill Kollins the Eight-O-Hate Maschine (Drums) – Niko Pueringer
Heath (Bass) – Sam Gorski

Visual Effects – Kevin Comerford

Production Sound – Eric Marks, Paul Fonarev
Leafblower Wrangler – Spencer Skoglund

Orchestral Score – Casey Edwards
Metal Guitar, Bass Programming – Jay Hackwell
Metal Vocals, Drum Programming – Kevin Senzaki

ADR Recording – Alex Reeves @ Point of Blue Studios

Sound Gun Prop Design – Takero Arima, Kevin Senzaki

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