Tips for Journalists: How to Create Awesome Documentary Videos for Your Story

Tips for Journalists: How to Create Awesome Documentary Videos for Your Story

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One golden rule: You never have enough B-roll.

The video clips and images featured in the video were produced by Pulitzer Center grantees covering under-reported stories from around the world. The Center is a non-profit journalism organization that supports independent coverage of systemic global issues with the dual aims of increasing the prominence of and the appetite for quality international news in the US.

Founded in 2006 to address the precipitous decline in international reporting in the US media, the Pulitzer Center has produced over 80 reporting projects in some 60 countries and worked with a cross section of media partners and journalists. Reporting supported by the Center is found in diverse media — from The Washington Post to The Washington Times, from Al Jazeera English to PBS NewsHour, from YouTube to interactive web presentations. The Pulitzer Center’s impact is extended by its Global Gateway educational initiative, where journalists connect with high school and university students online and in class on systemic global issues. The full-cycle model incorporates significant marketing after publication/broadcast to shine light on issues beyond one news cycle and to encourage civic engagement. The Center’s reporting projects have received numerous awards, and the Center was recently awarded the Asia Society’s 2008 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for best use of media and technology in international education.

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