TOP 10 | Film Cinematography

TOP 10 | Film Cinematography

Welcome to Smashing UK Productions’s Top 10!
Episode 1: Top 10 Film Cinematography

Dear viewers! As many of you are probably aware, this video is soon to be going on 4 years old, and despite it being our first ever video, we personally hate it. We now have a new three-part cinematography top ten series coming out each week starting today. To check out our updated lists, head on over to the below links and keep an eye out each Sunday / Monday for the follow-ups!

Top Ten Cinematography in Film (Pre-1970):
Top Ten Cinematography in Film (1970-1999):

The following films are solely the opinions of the Smashing UK production team!
Have your own opinions? Post them in the comments below!

5:00 in there is a shot from Full Metal Jacket placed under Apocalypse Now’s title, this was a mistake made during editing as a clip from FMJ was placed in the Apocalypse Now archive by accident, apologies for this mistake

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