top iphone 7 features

top iphone 7 features

10 New Things iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus from Apple
iPhone 7 Launch – First Impressions India + iPhone 7 Final Specs edit from official iphone 7 trailer
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Credit: The video graphics is edited from the Official iPhone 7 trailer videos by Apple. I wish I could have borrowed their voice over too 😉


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1. iPhone 7 Specs : Processor

The new iPhones will come along with the new A10 fusion chips, it’s a quad-core chip, that has 2 x high-performance cores and 2 low-performance cores.

Apple says, that the A10 fusion chip, is 40% faster, than the iPhone 6. We can expect a lot of performance gains. And because of the low-performance cores, apple says we should get about two hours extended battery life, compared to the iPhone 6s.

The base variant for the iPhone 7 is 32GB, instead of 16 GB, the next variant is 128 GB, and the max is 256 GB.

2. iPhone 7 Design

It’s not a radically new design, it’s a quite a familiar design. But if you look at the back, we don’t have the antenna bands anymore. We’ve got a new set of colours. The space gray is replaced by the black. It’s an all matte black look.
The jet black is a piano super glossy finish. It’s the slipperiest iPhone and be super prone to scratches.

3. iPhone 7 New home button

The new home button, is a solid state glass button, with pressure sensitivity.
It may take, some getting used to.

4. iPhone 7 water resistant

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are officially water and dust resistant.
You can use it in the rain or shower with it even.

5. iPhone 7 camera

The camera has a new sensor and apple says it is excellent, for low light. Optical Image stabilization, is available, on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The 7 mega pixel front camera, compared to the 5 MP pixel on the iPhone 6 is great for selfies.

The back camera has an f 1.8 , 6 element lens, with a huge camera bump on the phone

6. iPhone 7 new quad LED flash

iPhone boasts a new Quad LED flash, that’s twice as powerful and the camera will support raw image capture.

7. iPhone 7 plus Camera

iPhone 7 plus has 2 cameras, 28mm lens on the right, and on the left, it has the 56mm lens with 2x optical zoom. Thecamera software app now has a slider digital zoom, and apple says, you won’t lose detail, even on the digital zoom.

8. iPhone 7 display

Display, the screen resolution is the same but it’s 25% brighter with a wider colour gamut. So colours will pop a little bit more.

9. iPhone 7 stereo Speakers

Apple has stereo speakers, the speaker on the bottom, is on the side; and the one on the top is near the ear piece. It’s about 2x louder than before.

10. iPhone 7 Air Pods

Sadly we won’t get the 3.5mm jack, we’ll get a lightning to audio jack connector; and apple will bundle lightening ear pods along with.

The wireless Air pods, that need to be bought separately, pair easily, they come in a charging battery case, it charges them, flip open the top of the case to connect and when you use them in your ears, it uses proximity sensors to switch audio. There’s a touch sensitivity on the back you can double tap to use the microphone or talk to Siri.

In India the iPhone 7 will be available from 7th October. Indian pricing could be around Rs. 60,000/- for the 32 GB variant.

Credit: Geeky Ranjit & Marques Brownlee

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