Universal Film Festival Award Winner Director Abilesh Ravi Speech

Universal Film Festival Award Winner Director Abilesh Ravi Speech

Ondraa Irandaa Aasaigal Tamil Short Film

Awards and Nominations
1. WINNER – Best International Short Film – Universal Film Festival, Kansas City, USA
2. FINALIST – Lift Off Global Network, Pinewood Studios, England
3. OFFICIAL SELECTION – First Time Filmmaker Sessions, UK
Genre – Action heist

Synopsis – Its a thriller constrained to time, revolving among a bunch of eccentric characters nudging through betrayal, love and friendship.

Peek A Fact:
1. It is a unique attempt to deliver a message in an action heist movie.
2. The movie does not have an antagonist or a protagonist.
3. A cue to get into the crux of the movie is the last slide that shows different characters from the movie, have one or more desires.
4. Two major sequences were shot in a single take.
5. Keen observation can lay your attention to the presence of visual subtext throughout the movie.

Cast – Ashwin Jerome, Kaajal Pasupathi, Shali Nivekas, Anil Gandhi and Luma Beaty.

Written and Directed by – Abilesh Ravi
Editing – ElayaRaja S
Music – Raaj K Chozhan
Director of Photography – Abilesh Ravi
Art – Jayaprakash
Dialogues – Ashok Kumar
Audiography – Xavier
Costumes – Ananth
Makeup – Joline Keziah
Digital Intermediate – Gemini Labs
VFX – Sathish Sekar
Designs – Clinton Roach
Produced by – Beena Ravi and Chandra Kala

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