Video Lighting: Maximizing Dynamic Range in Cinematography

Video Lighting: Maximizing Dynamic Range in Cinematography

Here is a lighting breakdown of some of my favorite interviews I’ve ever shot and I’m happy to share the behind the scenes. I can’t stress how important using a light meter is. Every choice we make on set should be a conscious decision. In my opinion, being able to accurately quantify light is much better than glancing at the monitor and saying “Oh, that looks good.”

Let me know if you’d be interested in a video on light meters/dynamic range- I’d be happy to discuss these topics further.

Equipment used:
Sony FS7
Sigma Cine 18-35/50-100 T2
Arri SkyPanel S60
Schneider Platinum IRNDs
DIY diffusion frame + reflector
Love & care

Here’s how the final video turned out:


DP/Cam Op: Robert Machado
2nd Camera: Sean Gearing
BTS: Jeremy Le
2nd BTS: Michael Paragas

Special thanks to those fellas. Couldn’t have done it without them.

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