We made that awful mood ring toilet seat

We made that awful mood ring toilet seat

Making a mood ring toilet seat might be the weirdest project we’ve ever done. Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring us, go to for 10% off your first purchase. Check out the tools / materials we used below! 👇

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🙏 Thanks TotalBoat, check out the epoxy we used here: (search for fast acting)

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Check out the Aftershow for:
– How long we’ve … SAT on this project
– Our thoughts on silly projects vs practical projects
– Will we actually leave this installed?
– The other reason we didn’t use slow-cure…
– Thoughts on our butt prints being on the internet
– Thoughts on chill sponsors

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TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate)
TotalBoat epoxy (search for fast acting)
Thermochromic liquid crystal ink or
The second airbrush we switched to:
Same airbrush on Amazon:
Airbrush I wish we had bought: (larger nozzle for thick paints)
Airbrush cleaner
Toilet seat
Clear sealing spray (probably overkill)
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