What’s in the Box?? — Recreating Se7en’s Climax for $400

What’s in the Box?? — Recreating Se7en’s Climax for $400

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How can you make low budget filmmaking work? How can you make no-budget filmmaking work? What about no-budget filmmaking of a high budget scene?

In this video, we set out to recreate the ending scene in the David Fincher movie, Se7en. The scene with the famous Brad Pitt line, “What’s in the box?”.

How can you apply low budget filmmaking to a movie with a film budget in the tens of millions of dollars? How can you get the film look that David Fincher films have when you’re working on an ultra-low budget or even no-budget filmmaking. A lot of it will be calling in favors, but there are other techniques that can make your micro-budget film work.

When you’re not spending millions to cast John Doe you can do more with your micro-budget. We walk your through the steps along with a film budget breakdown to show how we made a scene from David Fincher movie Se7en with low budget filmmaking in mind.

The Se7en movie ending took weeks to film and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even they didn’t get everything right from a production standpoint, but they made the film work with a really great ending that we were able to reproduce for a fraction of the cost.

The end result: You will learn low budget filmmaking techniques that will help you take your micro-budget, ultra low budget, or even no-budget film to the next level.

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