Wings of Fire Awards 2020

Wings of Fire Awards 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Wings of Fire awards! Go support all the artists featured in this video! I think I gave enough credit in the video so you can search up anyone you want to check out.

*Disclaimer*: Before you say anything in the comments, here’s a couple things I want to point out.
1. I’m only one person editing the entire 10+ minute video. In awards shows, there is a whole team of people to edit them. So sorry for any mistakes or shortcuts. I also am working with a $6 app on my IPad, while awards shows have the highest quality equipment. Not to mention I’m still in school while they’re professionals. I’ve been working on this for about a week now whenever I have free time so hopefully it’s up to your standards.
2. At one point during the making of this video, my iPad decided to glitch and I had to go over some parts of the video because it was black screen. Those parts may look a little choppy and that’s why. It also cut out some of the clapping sound effects THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU DON’T DESERVE A CLAP 👏👏👏
3. I cut out some categories if there were too few nominations in them, to save time (less work & less watch time on the video)
4. You might notice your nomination isn’t up there. That is because I either couldn’t find the channel, couldn’t find the video, or the video you nominated was too old/in the wrong category. It also could have had too much not appropriate content (curse words).
5. I did not choose most of the winners featured in this video! I counted votes from my nominations video. So don’t blame me if you think someone else should have won! I only decided when it was a tie.
6. Some things were completed as I was making this video, like the Together We Will Float MAP, so it may be a bit inaccurate. Sorry!

That being said, leave *constructive* criticism in the comments on how to improve the show for next year! (and yes I will almost definitely do this next year)

Music in this video does not belong to me!
Animation and most of the art in this video does not belong to me!
Sound effects in this video do not belong to me!
I only had the idea, edited it together, and counted all the votes/kept track of everything.


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