Winona Ryder's Facial Expressions Steal Spotlight During Stranger Things 2017 SAG Awards Speech

Winona Ryder's Facial Expressions Steal Spotlight During Stranger Things 2017 SAG Awards Speech

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That was the cast of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things taking home the actor for Ensemble cast at tonight’s SAG awards.
If things in this world feel uncertain, well then listen up because the cast of Stranger Things winning tonight is the breath of fresh you never knew you needed.
The entire cast of 18 hit the stage to accept the award with actor David Harbour leading the charge with a very impassioned, powerful speech.

Anyone else felt like they just went to church with that speech? Cuz I do. The actors and actresses in audience weren’t the only ones with strong physical reactions to Harbour’s speech, which FYI I recommend watching a few times because it’s packed with so many amazing morsels of truth, alas Winona Rider seems to have stolen his thunder with her multitude of unique facial reactions to speech that no doubted are already becoming memes that will live on well past tonight. There was this facial, then this one and yes friends there was this one too. Honestly I’m just glad to see her lookin so great and clearly genuinely excited about this big win for her cast. And let’s not get it twisted, these Stranger Things kids are the best thing that ever happened and seeing their joy was emotionally overwhelming in a great way.
SO guys what did you think about Stranger Things’ nabbing this honor and on the real, what did you think about Winona’s plethora of reactions? Hit us up in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos you’ll love. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis thanks for watching and we’ll see you later!

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